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About us

New Vision originated as a collaboration of a small team of architects and engineers who had a dream to design technically interesting objects. In a span of 3 years the company has increased the number of employees to 23 people, including architects, general planners, engineers, BIM managers, BIM coordinators, VDC engineers and others. The vector of development has always been to attract inquisitive and motivated people who are drawn to the new technologies for automating the construction and design industry. This working atmosphere always prevails in the office, as the work plan includes constant contact with the client at any time of the day. We understand how important it is to respond in time to the client’s terms of reference, so we approach each project separately and create a team within our company for its successful implementation.

Not a single detail is left unattended; we have efficient process of quality control for all the graphic data that is transmitted to the client for further work. Each workplace is equipped with a modern design to work on large international objects. If necessary, we quickly master new programs for special projects. Also, when required, the office can work 15 hours a day. During the period of our development, we gained experience in projects from modular homes and offices to complex airports, and in each case the client received the desired result. We know how to find solutions for the tasks at hand. Our best motivator is the phrase “We have a difficult project for you!”.

work hard, dream big

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