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Office center on 32800 sft


EuroTerminal LLC.

Total Square Footage:

102 300

Budget: $5,2M

Stage: Completed

Retail companies MOYO and ALT Bank for 16 and 17 year sharply increased the number of staff. In this regard, the partner company EuroTerminal began the construction of a modern office center with an integrated store and conference room. The office with a vista of 8 floors is equipped with energy-saving engineering systems. Before the designers had the task to design the building for the work of different departments 24 hours a day. The building is connected by transition galleries with an old building and an automated conveyor with a warehouse for quick delivery of goods to the store. The external image of the building is dictated by the functional content inside. The construction line was acted upon by a complex factor associated with a parallel change in technology on each floor. Changes needed to be made as soon as possible. Experience in real design has shown how important VDC managers are at the site. During the 1.5 years of construction, our team has gained tremendous experience in automating project production and consulting in construction