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Office multifunctional building


Mashinobudivnyk LLC.

Total Square Footage:

148 500




Technical drawings, bim coordinate

This is the most “stylish” order with which our team works. From the very beginning of the project initialization, the task was to make the most comfortable office center in the historical area of ​​Kiev with accurate financial indicators of the client. The tenants of the center are large IT companies in Ukraine and international companies, so the requirements for internal spaces were very high. For each floor, an open seating area is provided on a wide gallery along the inside perimeter of the building. Galleries combine two staircases for quick physical access between floors in the symmetrical wings of the building, regardless of the elevators in the middle. Such a decision makes the building safe to operate and comfortable for the workers, because from any room there is an opportunity to get out and breathe fresh air. Also, project managers want to see the possibility of “smart” management of all building power resources. For this, the search for a space planning solution took place in an atmosphere of rapid analysis of many project indicators: constructive, engineering, facades. All information was automatically generated from the BIM model and tabulated. Subsequently, the client received the expected results in the early stages of design and was able to confidently move on. Now our team is engaged in the development of technical documentation for construction in the degree of detail at LOD 400.