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Convert 2D to BIM

Even now some projects are being developed in 2D. They have their own level of accuracy, but do not meet modern requirements of project management. NV team converts 2D drawings into a full-fledged BIM model, to which a user can introduce changes, dynamically obtain necessary information from it, and coordinate it with other models. Our specialists can convert drawings in the necessary level of details for use in different programs. Even if you have drawings from the 1960-s in poor quality, we can “vivify” all the information they contain.

Modeling by cloud of points

In order to properly coordinate and carry out construction works at the construction site, the use of modern technology for 3D scanning of the building is increasing. It gives a lot of advantages in the reconstruction of old buildings, modernization of working enterprises or installation works on a new complex object. According to the file with the area of ​​points received from you, we can simulate the object you need or to check the existing BIM model for clashes with other systems. We can also combine separate areas of laser scanning together.

Site survey modeling

NV team can combine of combining all the elements of underground surveys into a single model with the data necessary to understand the situation on site. Such information in the file will help to correctly plan the works for dismantling old communication networks and installing new foundations with networks. We are able to perform such work according to the particular requirements of any enterprise and also to develop the necessary pattern for data archiving.

MEP Coordination

The internal networks of the building are the vital “arteries” of the building. The correct location of all systems affects the cost of installation works, their quality and safety during the building’s operation as a whole. During the construction stages problems often arise with intersections and displacement of system routes due to poor synchronization of all participants of the implementation process. The NV team is ready to help the VDC manager to coordinate the systems and to timely input the necessary data into the overall BIM model. We are also ready to adjust and develop new families of models for individual projects.

Family Revit development

The NV team has successfully developed hundreds of families for their projects. Among them are complex geometric elements with dozens of parameters to automate the design processes. The development of high-quality families is very important for the model as a whole, since there are thousands of other elements in the file and each family should have the optimally necessary information for fast work. Proper structuring and parameterization of families is the basis of a good BIM model.

Optimization of design process

Along with the creative design process the designer’s work is associated with the execution of routine processes. Calculations of room finish schedule, various specifications, preparation of drawings occupy the vast majority of the designer’s work. Performing this work with traditional methods significantly increases the risk of inputting incorrect data into the project due to the human factor. The NV team has successful experience in solving routine tasks of design both by standard means of specialized software for design, and by means of application programming.